Banking Team Funds

Banking Team Funds - Brief Overview

Banking will be through the Bank of Scotland again this year. In the run up to the relay, bank staff can be often be inundated with pay-ins, so we aim to make their life as easy as possible.

Also, there will occasionally be staff at the bank who do not know about the relay. For that reason we would be grateful if you could follow these instructions:

  • Always include our account number 06005352 on your pay in
  • Make sure that notes are kept flat, the new notes can’t go through the counting machine if they are folded or rolled
  • Notes should be made up into lots of £20, £10, £5 and should not be mixed
  • Any damaged notes should be kept on top
  • Coins should be counted and bagged. If you need bags the bank will supply these
  • Mixed bags of coins will not be accepted so sort by denomination
  • Request that your team name is used as the reference otherwise the pay in will be shown as a “Deposit” and we won’t know whose money it is
  • Always use the Business Banking counter for relay bankings

More Information

This relay you can also bank the money you raise through selling the Relay’s Grand Raffle tickets and from donations for Candle bags. However, we ask that you bank this money separately from donations. Give the bank staff your team name and add R or Raffle so that they show it separately on the bank statement. Alternatively you can give the raffle money to a member of the committee.


We have a banking night during the week prior to the relay where team monies can be given to us to bank on their behalf. If you prefer to give your money to Martin Henderson at any time in the run up to the relay he will bank it for you. Contact him by email [email protected]

Donation Forms

Team donation forms should only include physical (cash or cheque) donations received, raffle sales, candle bag donations or fund raising income. Any donations made online will show up on your page and we will know about them. If you want your physical donations to be included on your page, please follow the instructions below.

After The Relay

After the relay, team captains should gather in their team members’ donation forms – but only when all the money has been collected. The team captain should then check the totals on the donation forms and agree the money to be banked. If you use the simple banking sheets spreadsheet this should be easy to check. The forms should then be given to Martin. Martin will then forward them to Cancer Research UK so that Gift Aid can be claimed. If you have any queries at all relating to banking please e-mail or phone Martin.

Entering Physical Donations Online

To enter donations you receive in cash or cheque and bank locally so that they show online, these need to be verified by Martin. It is important to let him know how the banked money is made up. For example the team captain might bank £200 which is made up of £10 from Harry, £50 from Mary, £20 from Peter and £120 from a fundraising event. If Peter enters his £20 online and requests verification of the donation Martin needs to know which banking it is included in. Please see the sample banking sheets provided here. Martin can send you the spreadsheet for these so that you can complete them and email them to him each time you bank if you wish.

To enter individual donations received online you should go to the Relay home page and follow these steps:

  • This will be updated once the committee are used with the new system

Gift Aid

Gift Aid makes a huge difference to the total raised; your donations are uplifted by 25% so please make sure your sponsors complete their details correctly. If they are a UK tax payer they should ensure that their full address and postcode are included and most important of all they must tick the Gift Aid box.